Thursday, March 18, 2010

Black Forest cake

Ingredients -

Cake mix - 1 packet
Oil           - 1/3 cup
Egg          -1
Egg - whites - 2
Cherry rum  - 1/4 cup
Sugar          -  1 Tbsp

For Frosting

Egg whites -  3
Water        -  1/2 cup
Sugar        - 3Tbsp
Cream of tartar - 1/4  tsp
Vanilla essence  - 3-4 drops

For Decoration

Canned cherries and  chocolate chips

Recipe -
1   .Beat the egg, egg whites. Mix the oil , and cake mix well . Bake 2 cakes at 350 F for 30 minutes.
(     Instructions are given on the packet. )
2. Cook the cream of tartar, water and sugar in a pan and then cool it for 5 mins . Then in another bowl  take egg whites,  a few drops of vanilla essence and mixture in the pan  and  then whip the mixture with hand blender till it reaches the frosting consistency.
( Cream of tartar helps to make the frosting airy and fluffy. )
3.  Mix the rum and sugar . ( one can replace the sugar with sweetener )
4.  Cut the cake into heart shape or any desired shape . Then slowly sprinkle ( rum + sugar) mixture on it.
5.  Place the cake and spread some frosting over it and then place other cake over it. then again spread the frosting. ( One can use chocolate sauce ) on the second layer.
6.  Decorate the cake with  cherries and chocolate chips.

I  have used  2 egg whites per whole egg to bake the cakes which saves extra calories and cholesterol  from the whole eggs. Instead of using heavy whipping cream , I have prepared frosting made from egg whites which is low fat , no cholesterol and high protein.

1 comment:

Siddhi S said...

wow lovely cake dear...looks soooooo yummy...loved ur low fat version cake...send me a piece of cake plz

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