Wednesday, March 3, 2010

pasta salad with pesto sauce

Ingredients -

For Pesto sauce -

Basil leaves  - 20 no.
Pine nuts      - 1 Tbsp
Garlic           -2-3 cloves
Parmesan cheese  - 1 Tbsp
Olive oil         -  1 Tbsp

Boiled wheat pasta -  2 cups
Boiled black beans - 1 /2 cup
Boiled pinto beans  - 1/2  cup
corn                       -  1 cup

Recipe  -

1. Grind all the ingredients for pesto sauce in the grinder.
2.  Boil the wheat pasta and the beans.
3.  Mix the pasta, beans, corn and 3 Tbsp pesto sauce together.

 This dish contains wheat pasta, beans and corn. Also, the pesto sauce has basil, oilve oil and pine nuts. All these  ingredients used in the dish are very nutritious. Wheat pasta as a cereal source, beans as a legumes & pulses source , corn as a veggie source, and nuts ( protein + fats) , oilve oil as a source of good fatty acids makes this dish, a really complete well balanced meal.

Pine- nuts are very good source of iron. It is an excellent source of B1 & B3, manganese ,copper,magnesium, molybdenum,zinc, B2 , vitamin E and potassium.

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